Atlanta Metal Recycling



– Thanks for 40 years of business –

Star Iron & Metal Inc. is a family owned business located in Midtown since 1975.
Our facility has been a recycling center since the early 1930s.

Atlanta Metal Recycling

We’re located in West Midtown at the intersection of Howell Mill Road and 11th Street.
We recycle, copper, aluminum, brass, lead, iron and stainless steel.

Computer Recycling

Bring your old computer/ pieces to be a recycled in a safe responsible way.

Atlanta Metal Recycling

Art & Design

We’re a great resource for homeowners, artists, and students.
Bring your classroom to the heart of Midtown to look for all things metal. 
Movie set directors and stylists come by to check out what we might have for props.

Aluminum Recycling

Some of the aluminum items we buy are:
Air conditioner coils, aluminum cans, aluminum wheels, aluminum wire, aluminum radiators, aluminum siding and gutters

A Community Recycling Center

Star Iron & Metal works with many different types of customers. From the general homeowner to government agencies. We are the only facility in the metro area that allows people to walk around our site. We also allow artists and students to look for metal for their projects.

E-escrap Recycling

E-scrap (electronic) recycling is the recycling all types of computer related items.
For example towers,laptops, computer boards, keyboards, mice, printers, etc..

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Recycling

Ferrous Metal recycling is metal that sticks to a magnet. For example appliances and iron.
Non-ferrous recycling is recycling of goods that do not stick to a magnet.
For example copper, brass, aluminum and some stainless steel.

Interior Decorating

We often get lots of unique items that are great for lofts and interior remodeling.
Vintage industrial gears, doors, sinks, metal letters and shelves.

Atlanta Metal Recycling

Recycling for America’s Future
– Since 1975 –