Do you sell metal to the public?

Yes, our location is open to artists, students, homeowners, and regular customers.

What type of identification is used on selling scrap metal?

A government issued ID, military, and passport.

Is the business location available for photo shoots?

Yes, we allow photo shoots both movie and photography.  Call for further details.

What type of equipment do you have for servicing scrap accounts?

We have flat beds, open top trailers, dry van, roll-off, and small boxes.  The small boxes come in sizes from (four yard- ten yard).

When visiting the location what do I need to bring?

Close toe shoes, long pants, and hand protection.

What is the method of payment?

We pay cash and check at time of delivery.

Do we purchase electronic scrap?

Yes, we accept computers, printers, keyboards, mice and power supplies.  However, we do not except monitors or televisions of any sort.

How far will you travel to pick up material?

We will travel fifty miles from Atlanta.

What items are non-recyclable at our location?

Old paint cans, propane tanks, wood, tires, aerosol cans, explosives, asbestos radioactive and hazardous material.